Pelican launches new strapless foetal monitoring device

21.04.2015 New Pelican Feminine Healthcare website

FETOfit® is a disposable device specifically designed to secure both ‘TOCO’ and ‘CTG’ transducers quickly and easily for strapless foetal monitoring.

Unlike standard circumferential straps, FETOfit’s hypoallergenic adhesive pads adhere directly to the front of the abdomen.

The flexible material moulds to body contours, offering a secure fit whilst promoting maternal comfort and mobility whilst facilitating access to the back in the event of an epidural.


✓ Universal attachment to suit all transducers
✓ Quick and easy to re-position
✓ Easy access for Epidural
✓ Disposable device for single-person use
✓ Secure fit
✓ Safeguards patient comfort & mobility 

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