Pelican Feminine Healthcare to take on Half Marathon challenge for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

18.08.2017 Pelican Feminine Healthcare Half Marathon for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

The Challenge Awaits

Six members of the Pelican Feminine Healthcare team are set to take on the Cardiff Half Marathon on 1st October to raise funds for our partner charity.

More than £70,000 has been raised for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust since our partnership began in 2010. In addition to a 5p donation from the sale of every box of PELIspec®, the company arranges other fundraising activities including Family Fun Days, and Bake Sales. They’re now set to take on their biggest challenge yet.

Who is doing it?

Phil Morse, Tim Christopher, Steve Leese, Michael Denver, Steve Baker, and Laura Clarke have dusted off their trainers and are set to take part in one of the UK’s biggest and best road races, taking in the iconic city sites.

Thinking of donating? Your ‘kindness’ in numbers.

Training has already begun and now is the time to start donating! We are incredibly grateful for any donations from 50p to £50, but here are just a few ways that your money will be making a difference:

  •         £100 funds five calls to the Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust helpline, which offers vital support to women affected by cervical cancer or cervical abnormalities
  •         £250 pays for three women to attend “Let’s Meet”, an annual information day which gives women with cervical cancer a chance to meet others affected by the illness
  •         £500 trains a volunteer to run a local support group for women living with cervical cancer, providing crucial face-to-face support for those going through a diagnosis
  •         £1000 enables Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust to distribute 20,000 patient materials to health professionals, raising awareness about prevention and services for those who need support

While raising money for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is vitally important, the team are also using the opportunity to raise awareness of cervical cancer, and support their mission to see cervical cancer become a disease of the past.

Who are Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust?

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust was established in 1999 by James Maxwell, in memory of his wife Jo, who died from cervical cancer at the age of 40. Click here to read Jo’s heart-breaking story in full.

Following her diagnosis in 1995, Jo and James had difficulties finding good information about cervical cancer. It was their hope that one day everyone would have access to the best and most up to date information and medical device. Most importantly for Jo, it was her wish that women affected by cervical cancer would have the opportunity to communicate with others facing similar challenges.

For the last 15 years Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust have worked tirelessly to raise awareness of cervical cancer, its causes, and how to prevent it. From its impact on the launch of the HPV vaccination programme, to its education on screening, treatment and survivorship issues, the charity has continued to increase its reach and helped thousands of women.

How do I donate?

If you can make a donation, however big or small, we would be very grateful. You can donate by visiting our Just Giving Team page. All of the money raised will go straight to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

Pictured (left to right, top): Laura Clarke, Phil Morse, Tim Christopher and Steve Leese
Pictured (left to right, bottom): Steve Baker and Michael Denver