Pelican Feminine Healthcare celebrates St David’s Day in Hong Kong

01.03.2017 Michael Denver pictured with Welsh legend Tom Jones.

What better way to celebrate St David’s Day than with a real Welsh Legend? Pelican Feminine Healthcare Export Manager Michael Denver has been rubbing shoulders with Pontypridd born singer Tom Jones on a recent Welsh Government Trade Mission to China.

A St David’s Day Reception was held at the Fairmont Peace Hotel, Hong Kong on 21st February to honour the Welsh Saint and Michael took the opportunity to network with local Shanghai companies and service providers and talk about the market-leading PELIspec® Vaginal Speculum.


St David’s Day Reception, Fairmont Peace Hotel, Hong Kong

Michael said: “The PELIspec® is a key driver to our business here in the UK and internationally in terms of screening for cervical cancer. We have been a long-term partner with Jo’s Trust Cervical Cancer Charity who do essential work in maintaining awareness to ensure we ultimately eradicate cervical cancer in the UK.”

Talking about the recent acquisition of Single Use Surgical, he added: “The driver for this business is to prevent a return to the days of vCJD (or “mad cow disease”). We offer a high end sterile alternative to reusable products on the market.

“Understanding of risk factors associated with cross-patient contamination by using instruments that are not clean is well understood here in the UK and Ireland, but the story is different internationally.”

Raising awareness of the benefits of single-use medical devices was just one of the things on Michael’s agenda during his trip to Hong Kong.
“Everyone in this industry and in many others, are aware of the challenges in China. ‘Cheap Chinese product’ is often referenced. Whilst this is true to an extent it is an unfair portrayal of much of the nation, insinuating everyone has an acceptance of poor quality products. Market forces will always allow for a ‘low end’ value proposition. But it does not eradicate the need for high quality Welsh product with a strong value proposition,” Michael said

He added: “China and Hong Kong has the potential to deliver huge benefit to our company, our industry and this country. The support of the Welsh Government with missions such as this is vital.”


Michael Denver pictured with Ken Skates AM, Cabinet Secretatry for the Economy and Infrastructure