Mercedes Curnow Petition To Be Delivered to Downing Street

23.04.2012 image

A petition with 120,000 signatures will be delivered to Downing Street later today on behalf of a Mercedes Curnow who died of cervical cancer aged 23.

A Foundation in her name has been set up calling for the age of cervical smear tests to be reduced from 25 to 20.

Mercedes died last December, but her mother, Sandra Cousins, feels she may have lived if she had been tested.  Ms Curnow had said she wanted the age of cervical smear tests reduced and had collected the first signature.

Ms Cousins said: “We are totally overwhelmed, it’s just unbelievable that we have gone out and got signatures and raised amazing amounts of awareness in 15 weeks.

“Before Mercedes died she had one signature because she wanted to have the age lowered, so after her death I decided to do what she wanted and I set up the foundation and it just took off.”

The foundation is hopeful that 120,000 signatures will force a parliamentary debate.

Ms Cousins said: “We’re hoping to keep the pressure on for the age to be lowered and if necessary we’ll do it all again.  “It’s amazing really. There are some people that are going to visit Mercedes’ grave today because while it’s a momentous occasion for everyone who was involved, it’s also a sad day.”